Biography Olga Plokhooij

In 2003 in Guatemala Olga became aware of the power of dialogue. An ancient, connecting form of conversation with great value in current society. By slowing down and exchanging experiences in a free space around a question, one can disclose wisdom. Wisdom that is greater than the individual input of each participant.

Since 2004 Olga has spread dialogue in The Netherlands through the movements The Netherlands in Dialogue, World=U and by applying dialogue in her strategic consultancy work. Her enduring exploration keep leading to discovering new forms. For example, in March 2012 she travelled to the Palestinian Territories to practice the RRCA approach, in June 2014 to Iceland to study the Althing (dialogue and decision-making process), in 2015 to Ireland to learn from the use of dialogue in polarized conflicts (DPC approach).

Within her company Leerweg Dialoog(translated: Pathway to Dialogue) she and her colleagues share the experience and insights gained in 15 years. Together they formulatedbasic principles that they believe lie beneath all approaches to dialogue and are expressed in specific forms.

A joint inquiry of the basic principles and which attitude they require, forms the basis of every training Leerweg Dialoog offers. For example, postponing judgments in order to make room again for uninhibited observation of yourself, the other and the phenomenon you are investigating is a very essential practice. Every day anew!

In 2019 the Academy of Professional Dialogue invited Olga to write an article about her 15 years of experience with dialogue in the Dutch society with the foundation The Netherlands in Dialogue.

Article about the basic principles of dialogue

Article about The Netherland in Dialogue