Clare Hedin 

is an international Singer, Sound Healer, Artist, and Performer. She uses the energy of a room to articulate the sound potential embedded within it, providing embodiment, insight, aspiration, and a shift to extraordinary levels of connection and transformation. The work she does is both palpable and profound. She works with focused gatherings, allowing for emotional softening as well as discovery, healing, and revelation. She has studied, performed, and taught the effects of sound, awareness, creativity & presence at California Psychoacoustic Institute, Presidio Dialogues, SFSU, CCC19, Oakland Children's Hospital, SF Grace Cathedral and has had her EEG measured in a neuroscience study on brainwave states in healers. She was also filmed in The Sacred Science healer video series.

Based on years of study, teaching and practicing creativity, sound, listening and consciousness - Clare also teaches Dynamic Emergence online - an innovative model of consciousness that deepens the awareness of our interactive relationship to beauty and energy and our different ways of knowing and accessing our creative potential.

She has 9 CDs to date - her 10th 'Singing The World To Peace' due for release 6/20. For more info, to buy music, sign up for courses: &