Michel van Amsterdam

These are challenging times for all-beings and humanity is certainly on quite a journey!
Maybe you are also asking these questions these days:
What can be done to navigate through these challenging times?
What new qualities and approaches are there to be developed to adapt to these new challenges?
What could the next steps in my personal and in societal evolution look like?
Those questions have been at the center of my attention for the last two decades.

And the answers I found for myself made me passionate about the new possibilities and perspectives for the personal, team and organizational development that have become available to us in those last two decades and continue to develop rapidly day by day.

These latest developments, especially those that are about digging into the collective wisdom, supported me to believe in men's developmental possibilities and the possibility of mankind to master this (huge) challenge.
Not naive and blindly, but because of what is happening in positive developments everywhere in the world. And yes, the clock is ticking, there is not much time for more delay.

One thing that became very clear to me:
We are in this all together, no one person, organization or even country will be able to master this alone.
Therefore I made the Art of Dialogue to a central part of my attention, as new alliances, new teams, new cooperations have to be developed.

My coaching approach is an integral one, bringing together personal and team goals, skills, identity with the bigger framework we are part of in one integral structure of work.
This guarantees transformable and sustainable results that last instead of short time results that often go together with new crises and rapid fallbacks.

If you resonate with this insight and would like to connect, then a short free introductory conversation could give you and me clarity about the project, your wishes, the methods I use and help to find out if we can be a good team together.

As a Coach with a long personal history as a medical doctor, sports teacher, communication trainer, mediator and artist there is a broad potential of insights, tools, and perspectives I am able to put also at your disposal to support your personal development or that of your team in all possible ways.