Thomas Steininger, Ph.D. 

studied philosophy at the University of Vienna, specializing in consciousness and social evolution using the work of Martin Heidigger and Ken Wilber. He worked for the Austrian Radio (OE1) and as a freelance journalist. Founder of the German magazine, evolve, he served as its editor-in-chief and now serves as publisher. He also hosts the weekly webbroadcast, Radio evolve.

Thomas taught at the Master’s program for Conscious Evolution at The Graduate Institute in collaboration with Don Beck, Susanne Cook-Greuter, Allan Combs, and more. He has pioneered the development of the emerge dialogue process, a new consciousness-aware collective process for creative engagement. 

As part of the Vision Team for emerge-bewusstseinskultur, e.V., he holds responsibility for developing programs on meditation and dialogue. He lectures internationally and gives seminars on evolutionary spirituality and dialogue, such as at the Academy Heiligenfeld and Benediktushof Holzkirchen. He has co-organized the annual Spiritual Fall Academy-Frankfurt for the past decade, and co-leads the integral-evolutionary Studium Generale, “Menschen in Spirit,” with Annette Kaiser and Sonja Student. Thomas has led different efforts to address the legacy of German history from the 20th century, most recently the conference, “Reconciliation with Germany,” with Prof. Dr. Barbara von Meibom and Heiner Max Alberti.